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It is compact RO unit for desalination system that requires small installation area. It can produce the pure water with excellent quality for laboratories, hospitals, small industries and so on.


In order to meet the customer requirement in each application, the standard RO unit has been designed from 25-720 m3 per day for single pass and double pass system to apply to the water treatment, pretreatment of ultra-pure water production and wastewater reclamation under concept of simple operation, easy maintenance and energy saving.

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This system can produce continuously the ultra-pure water with high resistivity through innovative electro-deionization technology to meet the applications for semiconductor and electronics part production process including and so on.  With over advantages than mixed-bed resin system, no chemical is required in the regeneration process for EDI unit. It leads to reducing chemical consumption and chemical handling, and minimizing the environmental impact.


In order to eliminate the drawbacks of co-current deionization system, the advanced technology of counter-current deionization system will be offered to provide the high water quality and productivity, and high efficient regenerant chemicals utilization under UPCORE patent from Dow Chemical, USA. It also contributes to reduce chemical handling and wastewater discharge volume.

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Submerged Membrane
Unit : Sheet Type

In wastewater treatment, the submerged membrane system treats efficiently the effluent discharge with stable quality through the proven sheet type microfiltration membrane design with small pore size at 0.4 mm without requirement of sedimentation tank. It is possible to eliminate the sludge bulking problem, reduce the amount of excess sludge and meet the compact installation area requirement including apply to wastewater reuse purpose.


With compact design of DI skid from the efficient combination of the activated carbon filter, RO unit and mixed bed polisher, the pure water quality above 1 of resistivity can meet the customer requirement for such industries as food, electronic part, and laboratory or medical use, including supply water for boiler. It is also easy for operation and maintenance with online devices, and safety with high performance of instruments and control panel. 

(UDI Skid) : LO Type

With high grade mixed-bed resin and high efficiency of UV sterilizer and microfilter, the ultra- pure water is produced with quality above 10 of resistivity and very low particle to meet the standard requirements of ultra-pure water quality. It is possible to combine with DI skid or the pure water production process of existing plant.


The filter unit can treat efficiently the suspended solid, turbidity and colloidal particle through sand media with FS type and adsorb the residual chlorine, organic matter, oxidizing agent and others through activated carbon with FC type. Normally it can be used as pretreatment and combined with other systems to achieve the good water quality as required.


It is compact RO unit for desalination system that requires small installation area. It can produce the pure water with excellent quality for laboratories, hospitals, small industries and so on.


The mixed-bed unit achieves to produce the high water quality at not less than 1 with excellent grade cation and anion resin. It is easy and simple with automatic operation to control the service and regeneration process efficiently.


It is an equipment unit that supplies the activated Sodium Hypochlorite solution at acidic pH to enhance the germicidal efficiency for disinfection, sterilization, or sanitary system in food, pharmaceutical industries and others that aims to ISO 14001 or HACCP. It is also safe for the users and friendly to environment.


The chemical feeding unit is generally designed to apply with various types of chemicals such as scale inhibitor, coagulant, polymer, acid, alkaline solution and easily installed with other systems.


The degassing membrane unit can remove the gases from liquid or adding them to liquid through a micro-porous hydrophobic membrane to meet a variety of applications of degassing, debubbling, decarbonation and deoxygenation as well as carbonation and nitrogenation in various industries such as food, beverage, pharmaceuticals, electronics, power and so on.


Incinerator is an electrically powered unit designed to operate on forced air supply principle and will incinerate a wide variety of wastes including rubber, foam, plastics, solvents and waste oil, without the risk of emitting harmful smoke and foul odor.

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