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Our Businesses

Our services include design, engineering, procurement, fabrication, installation, complete commissioning, laboratory analysis, and after-sales service. Our team is composed of qualified engineers with extensive experience in various processes.
We keep abreast of the latest technology and regulations so that the facilities designed today continue to meet the needs for tomorrow. We possess the expertise to plan, design, and provide construction management services for successful completion of your solution. The solutions we deliver include


We highlight our expertise in providing water treatment systems to attain the desired water quality and quantity in a variety of industries. For instance, we provide the large-scale city water plant using Ultra-Filtration System, and also the ultra-pure water plant for highly demanding applications such as Electronic Industry, Pharmaceutical Products, and etc.


We have designed effectively the wastewater treatment by combination of physical, chemical, and biological treatment systems appropriately to treat a variety of quality of wastewater. We have also applied the advanced treatment technologies such as UASB (Up-flow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket) to utilized methane for boiler fuel as the eco-friendly & energy saving system.


While the demand of water resources management has been increasing, we provide wastewater recycle system. We design the system of re-use treated wastewater for the water supply in production process, the make-up water for cooling tower, the boiler feed water, and domestic water, using Micro-Filtration and/or RO membrane.

Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD)

Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) is a treatment process of wastewater which designed to eliminate all the wastewater and not discharged to the environment and suitable to reuse recovered water for manufacturing process or irrigation.


Laboratory is a leading environmental laboratory providing physical, chemical, biological and microbiological examination. Our Central Laboratory has been registered as the private laboratory by the Department of Industrial
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water treatment

  We highlight our expertise in providing water treatment systems and facilities for fundamental industries such as  and Petrochemical Plant. We also highlight our provision of Micro-Filtration System to produce quality water for Food Processing Plant. Our treatment systems are designed to effectively save cost by producing minimal waste and optimizing chemical usage. Our water treatment products are as follows

Clarification System
With the unique technology to combine coagulation tank and sedimentation tank in one tank, suspended solid will be removed with high efficiency from the incoming water. Less chemical consumption can be served to produce a high volume of cleared water. The system is also advantage in term of sludge production minimization.
Filtration System
High filtration rate with various kinds of filtration media will be selected to optimize the filtering water. Tank design with compact style is easy and prompt to filtrate and backwash stage.

Softening System

We can offer the softener unit with high grade resin under automatic to reduce efficiently the hardness content in raw water to minimize scale deposits in plumbing system and heating system to increase efficiency and extend the life of household appliances and industrial boilers.  In addition, it also reduces the scaling potential on RO membrane to extend the RO membrane life.

Demineralization System

We offer various types of demineralization system to various kinds of deminerlized water supply purpose. The deminerlized water can be produced with constant water quality and quantity. The system is considered to minimize the chemical and regenerated waste together with easy plant operation and maintenance.



EDI is a water purification process by using the advanced technologies of ion exchange membrane and Ion exchange resin under electrical potential to effect ion transport and finally produce the ultrapure water with high quality to serve a variety of industries of electronics, semiconductors, pharmaceutical and so on. With such technologies, it is environmentally friendly system and eliminates the operating cost for chemical regeneration.

Mixed Bed Polishing System

We can offer the specific resin to match the various types of polishing purpose. The system is designed to guarantee the high grade of ultrapure water with a long term constant water conduction rate.
Membrane Treatment System
Various type of membrane can be served to produce clear water in many membrane applications. We also provide the best pretreatment to protect the membrane and extend the membrane lifetime. In addition, electric power consumption is also minimized too.
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" Our aforementioned water treatment technologies are widely applied for          following purposes "
Potable water
Potable water is one of world's rapid growing business due to non-drinkable tap water quality in most regions. We offer a modern drinking water treatment system from underground, surface or natural spring water sources with reliable purification techniques and equipment to ensure customer's standard and satisfaction.
Municipal use
Water treatment for Municipal use in Thailand has been established by private sector for decades to serve the expansion of community. We  designed and applied high quality water treatment system including clarification, filtration and disinfection to treat raw water from reservoir for daily community usages.
Ultrapure water
Ultrapure water (UPW) is generally for semiconductor industry which require highest specification for all impurities' removal including organic-inorganic compounds, heavy metals, dissolved and particulated matters, volatile and non-volatile, and also dissolved gases. The water treatment for UPW combines most of general and advanced water treatment technologies from pre-treatment processes (Clarification, Filtration, Membrane etc.)  to polishing (EDI, Mixed Bed Resin and Degasifier).
wastetwater treatmet
In Thailand, we had designed the biggest ever-constructed “ Biological Aerated Filter Treatment System” without sedimentation, built the emerging “Advance Oxidation Fenton Treatment Technology”, and pioneered the design of Membrane Activated Sludge Treatment without sedimentation.
We design our treatment systems in such a way that the treated wastewater can be reclaimed and reused for other beneficial purposes. Water reuse involves giving wastewater a high degree of extensive treatment and disinfection to ensure that public health and environmental quality are protected. Our wastewater treatment Product are as follows
Dissolved Air Flotation System (DAF)
With our high effective dissolved air floatation system, the constant small fine bubbles are produced to reach the highest treatment purpose. The dissolved oil will removed with lower energy consumption. The full automatic operation system leads the less maintenance to obtain the high treatment performance.
Oil Removal system
Our oil removal system is aim to treat various kinds of oil components which easy for periodical maintenance. We are offer various compact types of oil removal system to serve all kinds of oil wastewater depended on production lines.
Chemical Coagulation and Flocculation System
Chemical treatment process is a general method for most industrial wastewater which contain non-biodegradable and inorganic matters including heavy metals such as Cr, Ni, Zn, Pb etc. Chemical treatment process includes the use of various kind of chemicals to react with pollutants and transform into settleable solids then dewater and disposed. We are an expert and have over 40 years of experience treating chemical waste from automobile, plating, chemical manufacturing etc. with unique design and high quality chemicals.
Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP)
We are prompt to offer an advance oxidation treatment technology as an alternative system to treat high impurity matters which are difficult to remove by a conventional method. The treatment is also advantage in term of an installation area, a sludge production and an operation cost minimization.
Cyanide Removal
Our system performs high cyanide removal efficiency. With the present of toxic cyanide matter, the treatment system will be designed for safety in all stages.
Phenol and Formaldehyde removal
In many industrial manufacturer of synthetic resins, pulp and paper, special chemicals generate large amount phenol and formaldehyde containing wastewater. We propose an effective combined chemical-biological treatment system for those recalcitrant wastewater.
Activated Sludge Treatment System  (AS)
With our long realizable experience on the activated sludge treatment system, we have our own expert engineering team to serve and adjust the system. High efficient at diffuser has been developed to serve the various organic loading with minimize the electrical consumption. Flexibility and stability of system is also investigated for easy operation and maintenance.
Fluoride treatment system
Automobile and Electronic parts manufacturing are major industries to produce high concentration Fluoride wastewater which can be complex and difficult to treat and discharge. We have long term experience designed and installed Fluoride wastewater with our unique technology and developing chemicals.
Sequential Batch Reactor (SBR)
SBR is a modified Activated Sludge (AS) process with four basic steps of Fill, Aerate, Settle and Decant. SBR is suitable for domestic wastewater with limitation of installation area such as shopping mall etc. In many cases, SBR is also equipped after Anaerobic treatment unit for nitrogen removal with Nitrification and Denitrification reaction.
P41805010-P4 Emerald Brewery_WTP.jpg
Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR)
MBBR is one of recent aerobic process technology for industrial wastewater treatment to overcome conventional AS process in terms of installation area and power consumption. We offer an effective MBBR system with appropriate biofilm carriers in order to achieve customer discharge target and support the operational cost reduction.
Membrane BioReactor (MBR)
The system is the combination of membrane technology and simply activated sludge treatment. By the advance technique, the required installation area is minimized to serve the high organic loading. We also selected the special high quality membrane for along lifetime and to produce the high quality of the treated waste. In Thailand, we had designed the biggest ever-constructed “Membrane Bioreactor (MBR)” for Beverage Wastewater treatment.
Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket (UASB)
Anaerobic process is widely applied for high strength concentration wastewater such as distillery, sugar refinery and soft drink. We design and propose high-rate UASB  reactor as pre-treatment with activated sludge process for total power consumption and installation area reduction, stable treatment performance and Biogas recovery.
Biogas recovery
Biogas is by-product from Anaerobic wastewater treatment which can be recovered and utilized as an alternative energy source for boiler to produce steam and use for potential electricity generation. We have experience design and install a complete high rate Anaerobic treatment equipped with biogas treatment including boiler system.
Recycle water
As the growth of both economy and population continues, the water consumption in terms of industrial and domestic purpose is increasing. Therefore, the advanced wastewater treatment and wastewater recycle is introduced and applied as a solution of a water resources management to lessen the problem of water shortage. 
We realize and provide the solutions through advanced and customized technology of wastewater treatment and recycle. We utilize an efficient and proper way of membrane technology such as pressure type micro-filtration, membrane bioreactor and reverse osmosis membrane to ensure reliable alternative water resources to be suitable for you requirements. The treated water can be supplied to cooling, boiler or other as a quality of treated water proven.
Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) is a treatment 
process of wastewater which designed to 
eliminate all the wastewater and not to be discharged to the environment. Consequently, condensate which is by-product from wastewater can be recovered and effectively reused for manufacturing process or irrigation. We have applied total solution of ZLD including advanced combined system of Physicochemical + Evaporation + Membrane filtration to comply with ZLD regulation and water reclamation purposes.”

“Our proposed system is stable and suitable for recalcitrant wastewater which contain high Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) and Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) that general chemical treatment cannot be applied. We have supported customers and installed all sizes of ZLD in various industries including auto parts, electronics, industrial waste treatment and advanced material manufacturing.”

lab 05
Laboratory is a leading environmental 
laboratory providing physical, chemical, 
biological and microbiological examination.
   Our Central Laboratory has been  registered 
as the private laboratory by the Department of Industrial Works, Ministry of Industry and has been certified for ISO/IEC 17025 from Bureau of Laboratory Accreditation,
Department of Science Service, Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation.
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