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Goshu Kohsan Grand Openings New Branch
in Eastern of Thailand Rayong

About Us

We, Goshu Kohsan Co., Ltd. continue being the leader in water and environmental management

With more than 40 years of professional experience, we cover advanced technologies and acquire every aspects of specialized expertise in water and environment management, especially in water and wastewater treatment. We offer comprehensive range of services and focus on our competencies to serve a variety of industries effectively.


ISO 9001:2015

Quality Management System


Private Analysis

Laboratory Registration


ISO 14001:2015

Environment Management



ISO/IEC 17025:2017

Certification Of Testing

Laboratory Accreditation

Our Business

Our services include design, engineering, procurement, fabrication, installation, complete commissioning, laboratory analysis, and after-sales service. Our team is composed of qualified engineers with extensive experience in various processes. We keep abreast of the latest technology and regulations so that the facilities designed today continue to meet the needs for tomorrow. We possess the expertise to plan, design, and provide construction management services for successful completion of your solution. The solutions we deliver include



We highlight our expertise in providing water treatment systems to attain the desired water quality and quantity in a variety of industries. For instance, we provide the large-scale city water plant using Micro-Filtration System, and also the ultra-pure water plant for highly demanding applications such as Electronic Industry, Pharmaceutical Products, and etc.



We have designed effectively the wastewater treatment by combination of physical, chemical, and biological treatment systems appropriately to treat a variety of quality of wastewater. We have also applied the advanced treatment technologies such as UASB (Up-flow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket) to utilized methane for boiler fuel as the eco-friendly & energy saving system.



While the demand of water resources management has been increasing, we provide wastewater recycle system. We design the system of re-use treated wastewater for the water supply in production process, the make-up water for cooling tower, the boiler feed water, and domestic water, using Micro-Filtration and/or RO membrane.


“ We are proud to be a part of your success and gain your trust in us for providing the design and installation of water and wastewater treatment systems in vary industry sectors including Electronics and Precision, Automobile, Agriculture, Food & Beverage,  Textile, Real Estate, and etc.


 For more than 40 years in experience, we appreciate your support in our businesses continually and we are committed to developing the quality and technologies to meet your expectations.”

Laboratory is a leading environmental laboratory providing physical, chemical, biological and microbiological examination.

Our Central Laboratory has been registered as the private laboratory by the Department of Industrial Works, Ministry of Industry and has been certified for ISO/IEC 17025 from Bureau of Laboratory Accreditation, Department of Science Service, Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation.

Central Laboratory


Goshu Kohsan Co., Ltd. conducts Corporate Social Responsibility ( CSR )  activities to support socciety in various fields. Including environmental conservation projects under the principle of sharing based on 3 important elements : Life, Ecology, and Experience Sharing



Focus on improving the quality of life of the community and society to create maximum value for society and business.




Eastern Office-Rayong

For the purpose of supporting the customers in Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) zone and the company’s growth, Rayong branch office has been established on March 9, 2023.


Goshu Kohsan (Bangladesh) Co.,Ltd.

Goshu Kohsan (Bangladesh) Co., Ltd. is a joint-venture company between Goshu Kohsan (Vietnam) Co., Ltd. and Goshu Kohsan Co., Ltd.

banner group-01.jpg

Group Company

“We recognize the development and growth of the businesses of our group for responding to the customers’ satisfaction in terms of quality of products and services. Our group consists of companies that are specialized in water treatment systems, after-sale services and maintenance, manufacturer of Poly Aluminum Chloride, and providing of chemicals for water treatment systems and other chemicals for industrial use which are made in Thailand or imported from aboard. We also expand our businesses in South East Asia economic region, Vietnam, Myanmar, and Laos to serve our multinational group of customers. ”

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