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Cookies Policy

      This website is operated by Goshu Kosan Co., Ltd. (“Company”) and uses cookies to help differentiate usage patterns. This will help visitors have a good experience of using the service. and help the company able to improve the quality of service to meet the needs of visit more. The company respects the right of visitors' personal information and that information generated by visitors of this website will be properly protected

       More information about cookies

1.   What are cookies?
      Cookies are small text files. which consists of letters and numbers stored on the browser or hard drive of your computer, tablet, or mobile device. when visiting the website

2.    Benefits of cookies
       Cookies tell you what parts of the website you have visited to collect information about your past browsing history and provide a website experience that meets your needs and allows uninterrupted access to the website. In addition, saving the first cookies settings will allow access to the website with the settings each time when reaching the website. except in the case cookies are deleted which will cause all settings to return to their defaults.

3.   Types and details of cookies on the company website maybe  used

      3.1  Necessary Cookies 

             These types of cookies are essential for the security of the website. Ease of use and completeness of functionality. Including cookies that enable the website to perform basic functions such as scrolling through web pages or enable visitors to log in and access parts of the website which is reserved for use by website members only. It will not function properly without the collection of these cookies. The placement of these cookies on your device does not store any information that can specifically identify you.

      3.2  Performance Cookies  

              These cookies allow us to count the number of visitors to the website. and the source of those visitors to make understand how do visitors interact with the website and which pages are the most or least popular. These cookies don’t collect identifiable information on visitors, which means all the data collected is anonymous and only used to improve the functionality of a website. If you do not allow the use of these cookies We cannot know when you have visited our website. and unable to track the processing performance of web pages.

      3.3  Usage cookies (Functionality cookies)    

             These types of cookies may be set by us or a third-party service provider. They are the type of cookies that enable the website to operate to your satisfaction. for example enable the website to remember usernames and passwords, and remember how you used to customize the use of the web page, for the next page display. If you do not allow the use of these cookies, some website services may not be processed properly.

      3.4  Targeting Cookies   

             These types of cookies may be set by marketing partners through our website. By collecting information about your visits to the website, such as the websites you visit and through any link. We use this information to make the website and the advertisements displayed on our website more relevant to your interests. We may also disclose this information to third parties for these purposes. If you do not allow the use of these cookies You will receive less specific advertisements.

4.   Changes to Cookie Settings            

       Visitors of the website can use a web browser's cookies control tool to change cookies settings. For more information on customizing and deleting cookies can be found on the Cookies Setting page. However, disabling some cookies may affect the functionality of this website. and may result in the rendering of certain functions or operations of the website inoperable.
             In addition, the company will use cookies under the details specified in the customer privacy policy.

You can find more information in the Customer Privacy Notice page.

5.   Updates the Cookie Policy
             The Company is periodically reviewing and updating this Cookie Policy, as appropriate. You can visit this website page. For the updated Cookie Policy


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