Periods 1978 -1900 | Periods 1991 -2000 | Periods 2001 -Now  
1991 •  GK-Finechem Co., Ltd. is established.
•  Our Research and development department is formed.
1992 •  Goshu Kasei Co., Ltd. is established.
1993 •  Our laboratory is registered as private laboratory to the Department of
    Industrial Works, Ministry of Industry to ensure the standard of laboratory
1994 •  Goshu Kohsan wins the Environmental Protection Award for wastewater
    treatment promotion from Environmental Engineering Association of Thailand.
1997 •  Our present president, Mr. Akio Nakamoto attains the Certificate of
   Commendation from Minister of International Trade and Industry, Japan.

•  The first company in Thailand to attain ISO 9001 Certification for water
    and wastewater treatment from RWTUV.
•  Goshu Kohsan expands businesses to Northern part of Thailand and
    establishes branch office in Chiangmai.
•  Increase of capital to 50,000,000 baht and paid up to 35,000,000 baht.

1999 •  Goshu Chemical Co., Ltd, changes name and becomes
   Kurita-GK Chemical Co., Ltd.
2000 •  Goshu Kohsan registers with Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand
    for the permission of qualified environmental engineering consultant
•  Electrowatt-Ekono (Thailand), Ltd. grants Goshu Kohsan the Safety
    Recognition    Award For contributing to the achievement of 1,000,000
    man hours without a lost time accident for The Thai National Power Project